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Some   A-Tube   Facts

Paul Leblanc: Paul is a very outgoing person, drunk or not. But Paul has secrets he does not like to tell. Paul often goes for walks deep into the woods, where he can be alone to fralic naked through the trees, rolling around in the leaves and bathing in small brooks and making mud pies. I think he is searching for his one true love, Big foot. He once told me that his fetish is big fat, hairy, smelly woman. But he is imbarassed to let anyone know of his true fantasies.

Brad Dupuis: You may not notice it when you see him, but Brad is beaten constantly by his girl friend. She beats him with shoes, bats, knifes, you name it, she beats him with it. Brad is very sensitive and bruises easily. He usually wears make up to cover his cuts and bruises, so you probably cant tell. Theres nothing he can do, she is twice the streanth as he is, he's helpless.

Adam Leblanc: Adam is often beaten by his girl friend too, but thats not Adam's main problem, he is. Adam is accident prone. Every where he goes he falls down stairs, trips up stairs, runs into lamp posts in Saint John. Running people over with his car. One time he slipped on a banana peal and broke his arm in the middle of a shopping mall. He chopped off his finger with a meat saw. He broke both his legs, an arm, his nose, split his head open and lost a tooth in his sleep. When his parents found him he was outside on the top of their car. He said he had a bad dream.

Chuck Teed: Chuck is silly. Just when we're about to play a show he hides and makes us come look for him. He likes to play little games all the time, like ring around the rosie. And if we dont participate, he gets real angry, real angry! He throws hissy fits and kicks and screams. So we have to give in so we can play the show. He also makes us watch him while he tries to stand on his head. Paul tried spanking him, he just got angrier. He tried to kill Adam, but Adam triped and broke his hand, so he left him alone. He locked Brad up in a room and turned off the lights, but he let him out because he cried so much. Dont know what to do with him? Just dont know what to do?

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